3 comments on “Metro 2033

  1. For one civilization to emerge, another has to fall! Is this what the fate of the world holds for all of us, or can we overtake the bigger better civilizations?


  2. I really like a Metro 2033, there are so many scary moments, Metro Last Light is a joke, with same weapons, the same upgrades, and the remarkable skill to brush your gas mask-WTF! and now, they can’t make something new and fresh and this shit gonna faces the fan, and they sell this for 40 euros, the same missions(like an M 2033) with better game graphics and the gas mask skill-the world goes crazy for sure.


    • Last Light is actually my favorite in the series. The “gas mask skill” is for immersion and it adds to it I think, but also wouldn’t change the game if it was taken away. I feel 2033’s stealth sections really hurt the game as the AI is awful in this game. Last Light felt better in every way with improved weapons, graphics, and better stealth sections. 2033 is not a bad game, but Last Light is really an improvement in every way.


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