Rating and Award System

Publisher: The company that pays for and ships the game out to you

Developer: The hard-working guys who make the game for you

Release Date: The first day the game is out on store shelves

Rating: ESRB rating (Entertainment Software Rating Board) You can thank games like Mortal Kombat for this.

MSRP: Market Suggested Retail Price. In other words, the original price the game was shipped at

Also Available On: If the game is multi-platform it will be noted here

If you haven’t noticed I rate a game on a half point rating system. Here is a breakdown on how you should receive the scores:

10=Perfect! This game is worthy to be in your collection, and has no flaws or is revolutionary. This score is as rare as Big Foot sitings though.

9.5=Almost Perfect but not quite. There is just one thing missing to keep it from reaching God Status

9=Pretty damn good. Has a few flaws, but is still worth a purchase

8.5-8=Excellent. Has a couple of major flaws, but nothing to make it not worth purchasing

7.5-7=Awesome. This game has a few major flaws, it may have been done before but it’s solid.

6.5-5.5=Average. You’ve seen this many times before and has quite a few flaws. Worth a rental or a bargain bin purchase

5 and lower=Bad. Not really worth a play through or rental, but if you’re that bored go ahead. These games should just not be played unless out of curiosity or research purposes.

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