BinaryMessiah is a ripe 29 years old and was born in Anaheim, California. At 5, he moved to Wyoming for 5 years where gaming was the heart of his childhood. His parents couldn’t afford to buy games so most were rented. At 10 he moved back to California in sunny Oxnard, California. In 2016 his beautiful son was born and became the center of his world. At 29 he moved to the rainy city of Kent, Washington just south of Seattle.

His love for games started at the bright age of just 2 when his cousin played Mortal Kombat on the Sega Genesis during a babysitting excursion. After seeing Scorpion’s Fatality for the first time, he lost his mind and HAD to do it too. Ever since, BinaryMessiah has owned dozens of consoles throughout his life including the original PlayStation, Super Nintendo, original GameBoy, Nintendo 64, PS2, PSP, and many others. BinaryMessiah also loves Chinese food, spending time with his lovely fiance, and tinkering with mods on PC.

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