3 comments on “Fable III

  1. I enjoyed this game more than most but I’m a little biased- it was my first choice-based RPG (I’m pretty young) as well as Gamefly game and I love The Sims franchise so I loved interacting with all the people in Albion as well. The game does include too many pointless elements, but I guess I didn’t realize that when I rented it because I was just awed by the whole thing. It was also probably the first game to make me care about its story (although when looking back, the story was pretty cliche) and now story is the most important thing to me in games.


    • If you played the first 2 games you will realize how disappointing this one was. There was almost nothing changed from Fable II, but Fable II was a better game and had a much better story. Honestly, the series needs a reboot, but now that Peter Molyneux left Lionhead Studios I don’t know if we will see a Fable again.


      • I got Fable 1 afterwards, but didn’t enjoy it that much however my friend who never played Fable 3 enjoyed it a lot so I understand your point.


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