5 comments on “Updated: Motorola DROID

  1. I find that the iPhone is fantastic with all these little apps, being able to do pretty much everything on the move is fantastic. You can attend to pretty much anything, anywhere, anytime! The future has arrived and I love it! 🙂


  2. I’ve always liked the Droid. Really solid competitor. I’ve got the 3GS though and ever since I jailbroke it, I haven’t looked back.

    Perks to jailbreaking:
    – access to Cydia which equals a lot of very welcomed tweaks
    – being able to run things in the background
    – customizing the entire interface, even the number of icons on the dock
    – an app for turn by turn GPS
    – being able to turn on tethering that AT&T blocks because they… suck.
    – a lot more that I’m probably forgetting but the main thing is having access to things that Apple/AT&T doesn’t tell you the iPhone is capable of.

    The iPhone, when not jailbroken, sucks when it comes to customization and various features in comparison to the DROID. So the Droid wins when it comes to what it offers from the start. The QWERTY calls out to me, I have been spoiled by the Blackberry’s QWERTY and my wpm’s gone down with the iPhone. Nuuuu. 😦 Wish I could access external memory too.


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