2 comments on “Nyko Raven Wireless Controller for PS3 (Alternative)

  1. The ergonomics of this pad is better than the Dualshock 3 (it’s my opinion). And about the switch A to B , for those who rather the L2 and R2 to Aim and Shoot on game like Resident evil 5 , these triggers can’t be changed/selected in game options, so you’ll just have to switch to B and it will be nice!


  2. It is true that the ergonomics of this pad is much better than the “Dualshock 3”, the only fault I found at the moment that’s it has a USB dongle to be connected to the PS3 and it can’t Power on. The switch from A to B could be a great help to those like me who prefer to use L2 and R2 to aim and shoot in games like “Resident Evil 5” where it’s not possible to reassign these Bouttons. For the price this is a great product, is to know how long it works (timelife)


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