2 comments on “Cyberpunk 2077

  1. Good review. I personally loved the side content. While their designs were repetitive, I always found at least 2-3 different ways of doing each gig, and exploring the terminals found some amazing lore that set up the world nicely, it’s just hidden in a subtle way. Side questlines are also solid though they do seem to come to a halt in the world state.

    I agree on the emptiness as a whole, RDR2 smokes the open world in terms of interaction, though again there are some examples of incredible worldbuilding and lore everywhere if you take time to look. Just unfortunate, because the city design is fantastic. Just needs a bit more.

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    • Agreed. The side quests were fun at first, but once you finished the character’s mission’s gigs and others became repetitive after so long. I just wish CDPR spent another year on the game. We all would have waited happily!


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