3 comments on “Newbie Guides: Ultimate PSP Guide

  1. Great list, found a lot of games I had not heard about! One possibly missing detail, back in 2008 or so I bought an official bundle with a 2000 and Star Wars Lethal Alliance at Blockbuster. I no longer have the box but I clearly remember it. This was a US version.

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    • Did it have the Darth Vader head on the back and was it a white PSP? If so that’s already covered under variants. There’s a note stating that all bundles are basically just basic colors with added-in games. If it has a special PSP design it’s covered under variants already. Most game-specific designs came bundled with the games they were based on by default.


  2. Hey @BinaryMessiah! For some reason I never got a notification about your reply above until TODAY, almost a year later πŸ˜€ regardless, no, it was a regular piano black PSP 2000. So it probably falls under the “basic color with added game” bundle. Good info!

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